About Us

CYPHER: The ONLY leave tracking and case management software specifically designed to integrate Workers' Compensation and Leave Benefits for California Public Entities. FMLA Coming soon!

The Founders

Cypher Software is the brainchild of two California attorneys, Carrie O’ Connor and Joseph Telezinski. Ms. O’Connor holds the Certified School Risk Manager (CSRM) professional designation, giving her further insight into risk management issues. Mr. Telezinski holds the Medicare Set-Aside Consultant Certified (MSCC) professional designation, providing added value to clients with additional expertise in this increasingly important area. In 2005, O’Connor * Telezinski opened its doors and 85% of their clientele has been California public school districts. The firm makes it their priority to navigate districts through the issues, to protect and defend their interests, and to provide incomparable service via frequent communication and thoughtful analysis, including highly innovative ideas for settlement and creative approaches to settlement. It was through these cases over the last three decades in practice, they found that there were no good software products at an affordable price to manage cases and track leaves that school districts encounter. So, they decided to give back to clients they love. Thus, CYPHER was born.

Over the years CYPHER, has become a suite of organization and management tools specifically designed for California public schools and other public entities to enhance and improve the handling of employee leave and the cases administrated by human resources, risk management, payroll, and other business affairs departments. In addition to our FMLA Leave Tracking Add-On, Cypher is the ONLY software that provides leaves tracking that includes calculations of benefits under the California Education Code.

Cypher is designed to help you

  • Save money, time and paper.
  • Increase efficiency.
  • Reduce errors.
  • Generate Useful Data and Reports
  • Enhance Communication between Departments.

When you join Team Cypher you get

  • Personalized, accessible service to meet your technical needs.
  • A software to keep pace with current technological advances as we, as a society, move towards paperless offices.
  • A customer service team that learns and cares about their clients' particular needs.